Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gridcoin Skyrockets

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gridcoin and the 8th BOINC Pentathlon (May 5-19)

We're participating in the 8th BOINC Pentathlon by SETI.Germany (starts on May 5, and goes over 2 weeks).

  • See here for all the signed up BOINC teams.
  • FAQ
  • Here's a summary of last year's Pentathlon (we were #7 from 33 teams)

Each team can now provide desired BOINC projects for the disciplines (see here) until April 27:
  • we can suggest 3 BOINC projects (see I.) and one World Community Grid subproject (see II.).
The question now is, should we do a
  • a1) poll on I. and II. or 
  • a2) select those projects where we have massive hardware power or 
  • a3) the most Gridcoin users or
  • a4) some other criteria ?
Please suggest your choice below in the comments or in the forum here.
If a poll is desired (a1)), I think we can do a 10-day poll duration? (we could also do a poll in parallel over a1-a4)

a.) GPU support
  • Amicable Numbers
  • Asteroids@home
  • Collatz Conjecture
  • Einstein@Home
  • MilkyWay@home
  • Moo! Wrapper
  • SETI@Home

b.) CPU-only
  • Cosmology@Home
  • LHC@Home
  • NFS@Home
  • NumberFields@home
  • SRBase
  • VGTU@Home
  • YAFU
  • yoyo@home
c.) "excluded" by Erkan:
  • Enigma@Home (this poll and not having any WUs since March 23 indicates it will be removed from whitelist, and likely from the Pentathlon)
  • not whitelisted: DENIS@Home, Stop@home

II. WCG projects:
  • FightAIDS@Home - Phase 1
  • Mapping Cancer Markers
  • OpenZika

Thursday, April 6, 2017

World Community Grid

World Community Grid is a project that uses Distributed Volunteer Computing to help fight cancer, find a cure for the Zika Virus, mapping cancer markers and other projects.

Read about World Community Grid Here. You can join by clicking here.

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