Thursday, August 10, 2017

Twitch Event

ZenMercenary - Friday at 6pm Central time

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EVENT: "Drinkin' Whiskey and Building ThreadRipper"

What I'm Doing: Upgrading my 1800x BOINC rig to ThreadRipper 1950x.
Specs of new build: TR 1950X, AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard, 32GB RAM, Three GEFORCE GTX 1080 GPUs, Corsair H115i AIO Cooler.

Who am I?: Nobody, honestly. I'm just a guy willing to share his ThreadRipper build live on Twitch. I am not an expert, so don't expect this build to be greatly methodical or to feel like a YouTube review video. I'm gonna drink some whiskey, build this computer, and have a good time chatting with whoever wants to watch
Other Details: I'll be streaming 1080p @ 60FPS, there will be lots of lighting so you will be able to see everything in the case in great detail. I've got a Blue Yeti microphone so audio should be good as well. If the build goes smoothly, I'd be happy to stick around and run some benchmarks. If you can't make it, I believe Twitch saves the streams so you'll be able to tune in another time.

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